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Dear Volunteers,

On behalf of the Liberty Elementary School staff and students, we want to thank you for your interest in becoming a volunteer.

As parents, grandparents, neighbors and community members, you have ideas, talents and time to share with our students and our schools. It is our belief that volunteers are beneficial to everyone involved.  As a volunteer, you help to foster stronger school and community relationships by creating a common interest in the success of our schools.  It also demonstrates the importance of community service to all involved, especially our students.

Recent changes are now allowing our volunteers to fall within three categories. Please read through the following categories carefully and let your school office staff know for which category you are volunteering.

Category A: Occasional volunteers with group exposure who have little or no direct unsupervised exposure or contact with children.
Category B: Volunteers with classroom exposure on a frequent basis. These volunteers will work directly with students, and who may have unsupervised time but only while on school property with school staff on site.
Category C: Volunteers with unrestricted exposure. These volunteers will work with children and may be unsupervised by school staff, and will likely have direct and unsupervised interaction with children.

Please read through the application and frequently asked questions form.  When completed, please return the form to the Liberty School office. If you have any additional questions, please direct them to the Liberty School Principal or office staff.

Thank you